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                About Wilhelmina Miniatures

   Hello!  My name is Wilhelmina Secumski, the owner and artisan of Wilhelmina Miniatures.  I have been creating and selling 1" scale miniatures for over 20 years and truly enjoy designing and creating one-of-a-kind works of art.  I make wicker furniture, plants and floral miniatures that I sell at retail and wholesale shows as well as online.  I also work on custom finishing doll houses which includes installing wallpaper, flooring, lighting, and many other personalizations.

   The flowers in my garden are a great inspiration and many have been references for the miniature plants and flowers that I make.   Some favorite items to make include flower arrangements since I love the endless variety of colors and beautiful finishing touches that they can add to a room.   The challenge is to find a way to translate real life size plants and flowers into small scale versions.  A large variety of materials help accomplish the vision which include real preserved flowers, hand painted papers, fabrics and some premade parts which are usually modified and painted.   

   All the wicker furniture is made starting with a wood base, wire and cord.  Each piece is hand woven, one piece at a time, then painted or stained and finished with an assortment of fabrics.  I love to design new pieces to keep the collection interesting using photos of real furniture, from a wide variety of sources, for inspiration.   

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy viewing my creations!  Would love to hear from you!


  Contact us at wminiatures@gmail.com