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General questions

  1. What scale are the miniatures?

    Everything is 1"=1' scale.  For example, a wicker chair that is 2 inches tall is equal to 2 feet tall in real life size.  A palm plant that is 6 inches tall would be 6 feet tall in real size. 

  2. What are the flowers made of?

    Many of the flowers are made from hand painted papers using artist quality papers and permanent color paints.  Each petal and flower is hand shaped .  Some of the flowers are real ones that have been specially dried and preserved in the workshop.   Leaves on plants are also made from paper and from select purchased poly leaves which are then manipulated to make them  look like a particular plant.  

  3. What is the furniture made of?

    The wicker furniture is made of wire, a wood base and cord which is woven over the wire.  Each piece is painted or stained and varnished.  Cushions are covered with leather or a fabric, usually silk or cotton, which is hand tufted.

  4. Are any of the items on this site for sale?

    Yes, most of the items you see are for sale.  If there is something you are interested in, please contact us and we'll get back to you with answers to any questions.

  5. How do I contact you?

    Contact us at   wminiatures@gmail.com

    Wilhelmina Miniatures     47936 Card Rd.       Macomb, MI 48044

    phone  (586) 531-1660

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