Flowers and Plants Flowers and Plants Flower heart wreaths Heart shaped wreaths filled with roses and rosebuds. $32 205302702 Sweetheart wreaths Assorted flowers trim a natural fiber heart shape wreath that is finished with a satin ribbon loop. $28 each 195067305 Spring florals Laser cut bird houses trimmed with assorted flowers. Tiny daffodils in blue and white bowl. Natural fiber basket filled with daffodils, pussy willows, grape hyacinths and more. Each is different. 197342848 Spring flower baskets Cheery baskets filled with daffodils, pussy willows, grape hyacinth, and primrose or hyacinth. Colors vary so each is unique. $48 197342846 Small spring flower basket Tulips, crocus and pussy willow stems in a white washed basket. $40 131185671 Flat with flowers Six assorted flowering plants fill a wood flat and have a butterfly. $26 204752378 Flowers and flowering plants Some of the hand crafted flowers that I make. 201999128 Centerpieces 204752178 Caladium plants Available in three sizes and colors. These leaves are printed on translucent paper for realism. Large plant $28, medium and small plant $26 200269805 Lavender plants in assorted pots Lavender plants in a variety of containers. Smaller plants are $38, larger plants are $46 195067683 Metal tub with impatiens Impatiens flowers in shades of pinks and purples spill from an old metal washtub onto a grassy base. $34 198445269 Garden ferns These highly detailed ferns are growing in a mossy covered base ready to place in a garden or shady area. $26 173362615 Rose Arbor Pink roses on a white metal arbor. A happy cat sits below on the rock path. $82 201998699 Winter basket #2 A curved round basket is filled with pine greens, red twigs and assorted dried materials and pine cones. $28 202594550 Spring flowers Pastel bird house with assorted flowers. $38 Tiny daffodils in blue and white ceramic bowl. $38 Spring flower basket. $48 197343012 Pumpkin on leaves A small pumpkin rests on a bed of leaves and an assortment of dried materials. About 2" long. $26 202594551 Outdoor plants and birdbaths Garden ferns in front row-$26. Birdbaths-$22. New lilac shrubs-$48-$60 and smaller flowering shrubs-$28 made of preserved natural materials. Topiaries in back are hand shaped $24 each. 183804773 Dancing bear topiary Standing under 3" including pot, a cheery bear topiary is kicking up his leg and sure to bring a smile to you. $26 each 173362851 Tulip basket Tulips and other spring flowers lay in a hand woven wicker basket. $44 202594446 Two spring planters These ornate containers are filled with assorted spring flowers and trailing ivy. $48 each 189566988 Trio of Peacock topiaries Three peacock topiaries shown in hand woven wicker planters in different colors. $49 each 195108529 An assortment of topiaries From left to right: Peacock in wicker planter($48), Peacock in square pot, Dancing bear, Two tier topiary($28), Bunny, Flamingo, Rooster. $26 each except where noted. 174098962 Green plants An assortment of green plants range in heights from about 2" to 6". Front row rubber plant-$32, peace lily-$28. Second row L-R blue-green plant-$28, monstera-$28 Back row L-R fern-$32, Philodendron in elephant planter-$42, Palm-$28, Birdcatcher plant-$28, Caladium-$26, Chinese evergreen-$28 131185663 Spiral shape topiaries Spiral cut topiary in ornate grey pot. $28 each. 197344572 Elephant planter and rubber plant This elephant contains a fern hand cut from silk-like fabric. $41 The new rubber plant has dark green leaves above with deep wine red below in a decorative pot. $34 174098964 Spring flowers in urns Daffodils, tulips, hyacinth and ivy fill an aged terra cotta urn. 180507596 Hyacinth spring planter Hyacinths, tulips, crocus and pansies fill this clay planter. $58 131185659 Spring planter with hydrangea Daffodils, tulips, hydrangeas and ivy fill a weathered terra cotta planter. $58 180507593 Poppy flower bed Bright orange poppies, pale dusty miller plants and lavender flowered alyssum fill this small bed. Polished stones surround the bed and a saucer bird bath with ceramic blue bird finish this cheery scene. retail price $46 132799029 Poppies with bird bath A small flower bed with bright orange poppies, dusty miller, alyssum and a clay bird bath with artisan made blue bird of happiness. $48 180507590 Assorted tulips in flower pots Tulips are made of hand painted papers and planted in clay pots. They are about 1" tall. $18 each 131185658 New floral centerpieces An assortment of flowers in low arrangements. Prices range from $36 to $60 183804767 Tiny daffodils These tiny daffodils are planted in a moss filled square bowl. $38 131185661 Assorted small centerpieces A variety of sizes of flowers in low bowls suitable for dining tables or smaller size tables. Prices range from $36 to $58 136435774 Centerpieces Assorted low centerpieces range in price from $36 to $58 contain roses, lilies, daisies and more in glass containers. 189566995 Calla lilies Calla lilies and ivy fill a glass vase. $44 White calla lilies are also available. 131185660 An assortment of tulips in vases Tulips in ceramic vases. $42 each 175587333