Classes/workshops Classes/workshops Fairy Hideaway In this fun workshop, you make a fairy hideaway from all natural materials, such as bark, mosses and pine cones, in a style all your own. Each hideaway is unique. If you missed the last class and want to make one of these sweet structures, let me know. When there are enough people, we will have the workshop again at Miniature Makers Workshop in Royal Oak, Michigan. 148659709 Fairy Hideaway 148659708 Rural mailbox with morning glories Make vining morning glory flowers and cover a metal rural mailbox, make a bird's nest with eggs to place inside, add a butterfly as a finishing touch. 180531960 Wicker furniture class samples These are some examples of the wicker furniture made in the classes. 180531962 Daisy and geranuium basket Make crisp white daisies and red geranium flowers to be arranged in the pre-made basket. 180531961 Spring Flower Basket Here is a fresh as spring basket full of daffodils, tulips and grape hyacinths. All of these will be made in a workshop being held at Miniature Makers Workshop on Saturday, April 14, 2012. 148664671 Spring flower basket and rug class Create a floral rug using a fun and easy technique with Bunka thread. The workshop is Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at Miniature Makers Workshop. 148652461 Light weight room boxes Finish a pre-assembled room box in your choice of wallpaper, wood floor and trims perfect for a small vignette. The room will be lit by LED light strip powered by battery so it can be placed anywhere. Workshop is Saturday, March 10,2012. 148652462 Roombox with LED lighting Here is another sample of a room box finished with natural red oak flooring. 148659711 Wicker pet beds Pet beds in a choice of three sizes to fit your mini pet. The class teaches wicker weaving and finishing on April 25, 2012. They are also available finished $18 each. 148652463 Wicker Pet Beds Here is an assortment of pet beds in several sizes and finishes. $18 each. 148660627 Finished flower bed 1/12" scale flower bed with bright orange poppies, pale dusty miller plants and lavender alyssum. The small bed is edged with polished stones and decorated with a clay saucer birdbath topped with a cheery blue bird. Available finished-$48 132798229 Fall 2011 Workshops Three classes for fall- a dome top trunk, 3" tabletop tree with moveable branches and angel chime decoration. 139927491 Dome top trunk The interior of the trunk will be papered as will the removable tray. 139927490 Angel Chimes with Candles A miniature version of the classic holiday centerpiece made using brass and crystal components. 139927489