Newest products. Newest products. Cyclamen plants 206188827 Garden Room "A" This cozy shed is made with reclaimed doors for walls and a rusty tin roof. Floor is of thick rough planks and the shed sits on stone blocks. It is 9-1/2" wide at front, 6-1/2" deep, 8" high at front. $190 for this structure, decorations not included. 206023984 Garden Room roof view The roof of the shed has real rust, sealed so it won't rub off, to give it that rustic, old look. The entire structure is small enough to fit almost anywhere. 206023985 Garden Room There will be more versions of this shed coming. I can make one in colors of your choice. Prices will vary depending on the finishes. This version, structure only, is $190. 206023986 Reindeer Planters Small reindeer planter is just under 2" tall at the tip of its antlers, filled with poinsettia plants-$34. The large reindeer planter is just over 3" tall and has assorted fall foliage including a small pumpkin-$47. Large reindeer can also be made with poinsettias. 205961214 Small reindeer planters These wood planters are perfect with Christmas poinsettias to finish a holiday scene. $34 205961218 Sled with Gifts Small wood and metal sled has a stack of gifts tied with ribbon and decorated with evergreens, pine cones and gold jingle bells. $39 204752379 Child size sled Child's sled has a woven wicker back and real leather seat cushion on a wood base. $39 202586742 Summery floral wicker furniture White wicker with a new fresh, retro style print. Loveseat-$66, Chair-$48, Table-$28 Basket with pastries-$38 205961217 White wicker furniture has an abstract print cushion. Loveseat-$66, Chair-$48, Ottoman-$38 Garden ferns, ready to "plant"-$26 Ostrich planter with impatiens plants-$48 205961215 White carriage and cradles White carriage trimmed with silk bedding decorated with lace and ribbons. $148 Sweet cradle has velvet bedding sized for a new baby. $63 Pet bed is available in assorted colors and sizes-$19 205961216 Wreath assortment Floral heart wreaths-$31 each Round spring flower and egg wreath-$23 Grapevine Bunny-$31 Square twig wreath-$23 205961248 Square twig wreaths Square twig wreaths are about 1-3/4" can also work well as picture or mirror frames. $23 205961246 Floral heart wreaths Heart shaped wreath is covered with roses and rosebuds. $31 each 205301464 Sweetheart wreaths An assortment of sweet flowers decorate the dried brush covered hearts. A satin ribbon loop finishes each one. $24 each 195066580 Cradle and toy cart White cradle has a satin covered mattress with optional velvet blanket. $63 Wicker toy cart has bead trim and is available in white or light stain. (Toys not included.) $28 204752093 Toy carts Wicker toy carts are trimmed with colorful beads are about 1-1/2" long. $28 Also available in a light stain finish. 205961247